Alvin Cheng-Hsien Chen

Associate Professor

National Taiwan Normal University


I am a corpus linguist, teaching at the Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, where I am a full-time faculty member in the Linguistics track.

My journey into linguistics began a long time ago during my Pronunciation Class as a freshman in college. I was fascinated by the systematic organization of sounds and their application to learning human speech sounds. This novel perspective inspired me to pursue linguistic studies further, thanks in large part to my mentor, Cherry Li!

Currently, my work extends beyond traditional linguistics. Most of my research focuses on the methodology of quantitative corpus linguistics. I am particularly interested in the interrelationship between language, interaction, and cognition. A longstanding question that I have been exploring is how repeated or recurrent language use motivates the emergence of systematic linguistic structures. Furthermore, I investigate how this usage-based view of language connects to computational modeling of language processing, language acquisition and learning, and the mental representation of speakers.

I have published corpus-based research in several academic journals, such as Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory, Journal of Phonetics, Language Learning, System, Language and Speech and continue to be active in research on computational approaches to language processing.

I am currently a co-editor of Concentric: Studies in Linguistics, and serve on the editorial board of Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory.

Over the past few decades, I have witnessed and adapted to the paradigmatic shift towards quantitative and computational approaches in corpus linguistics. While this transition has been challenging, it has also been immensely rewarding.

And, I am a fan of and , the two artificial languages that have revolutionized the way we process human languages .

Finally, a few things I do if I have extra time: , , , .


  • Quantitative Corpus Linguistics
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Speech Prosody
  • Language and Cognition
  • Language Learning


  • PhD in Computational Linguistics, 2006-2012

    National Taiwan University & Academia Sinica (TGIP-CLCLP)

  • MA in Linguistics, 2003-2006

    National Taiwan University

  • BA in English, 1999-2003

    National Taiwan Normal University



Associate Professor

National Taiwan Normal University

Aug 2021 – Present Taipei, Taiwan
Courses offered: Corpus Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Introduction to Programming Languages for Linguistic Analysis, Topics on Quantitative Corpus Linguistics

Assistant Professor

National Taiwan Normal University

Aug 2016 – Jul 2021 Taipei, Taiwan

Assistant Professor

National Changhua University of Education

Feb 2013 – Jul 2016 Changhua City, Taiwan














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Recent Talks & Presentations

Recent Conference Presentations Chen, Alvin Cheng-Hsien Chen. 2024. Language as a dynamic network: From recurrent multiword units to constructional schemas. To be presented at The 13th International Conference on Construction Grammar (ICCG), Gothenburg, Sweden, August 26-28. () Che, Sin-Jhang, & Alvin Cheng-Hsien Chen. 2024. Speech genre classification in online multimedia platforms: A multimodal approach. To be presented at Speech Prosody 2024, Leiden, Netherlands, July 3-6. ()

To Prospective Graduates

A Message to Prospective Graduates I am happy to announce an opportunity for motivated and enthusiastic graduates to become a valuable part of our COMPUS team through project-based Assistantship. Our research group is actively seeking dedicated graduates who have a keen interest in corpus linguistics or computational linguistics and eager to gain hands-on experience, work closely with faculty, and contribute to exciting research projects. Specifically, we are recruiting new members of the group in the form of part-time project-based assistant roles.




Introduction to Programming Languages for Linguistic Analysis


Digital Scholarship in Humanities: Text Analytics with R (Under Preparation)


Computational Linguistics


Corpus Linguistics