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To Prospective Graduates

A Message to Prospective Graduates

I am happy to announce an opportunity for motivated and enthusiastic graduates to become a valuable part of our COMPUS team through project-based Assistantship.

Our research group is actively seeking dedicated graduates who have a keen interest in corpus linguistics or computational linguistics and eager to gain hands-on experience, work closely with faculty, and contribute to exciting research projects. Specifically, we are recruiting new members of the group in the form of part-time project-based assistant roles.

As an assistant in our group, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance your coding skills
  • Collaborate with faculty and senior graduates
  • Financial support through 僱傭型/學習型兼任助理 program
  • Contribute to research projects funded by NSTC(國科會)

And your responsibilities as an assistant will include:

  • Attending our weekly group meetings
  • Delivering regular presentations
  • Completing project-based assignments
  • Assisting with research-related tasks

Furthermore, we have several outstanding graduates from the group. For all prospective students who are considering joining our research group, you can take a look at the topics of the previous graduates’ thesis projects

If you are considering working on topics related to corpus linguistics or computational linguistics, please contact me via email ( for a more in-depth discussion at your earliest convenience.

Projects in these fields typically require a strong interdisciplinary foundation, including knowledge of statistics, programming, and other text analytic skills. Therefore, it’s advisable to reach out to me as early as possible in your master’s program. This will enable us to devise a comprehensive plan that aligns with both your coursework and thesis projects.

Our group have regular meetings every Thursday afternoon. We look forward to welcoming new talents and fresh perspectives to join us!

All the best,


Alvin Cheng-Hsien Chen
Associate Professor

Alvin Cheng-Hsien Chen is a faculty member in the Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University. His research interests include quantitative corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, speech prosody, cognitive linguistics and language learning.