Corpus Linguistics

Corpus-based Distributional Properties: Uncovering Native Intuition from Pitch Encodings in Spoken Mandarin

MOST 2023-2024

Sentiment Beyond Words: A Constructionist Approach to Sentiment Analysis

MOST 2022-2023

Computational Tracking and Comparison of 'Sentiments' in Source and Translation: A Study of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

MOE 2021-2022


Introduction to Programming Languages for Linguistic Analysis

Words, Multiword Sequences, and Grammar Network

MOST 2021-2022

Python Notes for Linguistics

This notebook collects my personal python notes for linguistics. These notes are based on many different sources. Please note that these notes may have not been organized in a very systematic way.

Recurrent Multiword Combinations in Spontaneous Speech Production: Prosodic Evidence for their Processing Advantages

This study analyzed the prosodic realization of recurrent multiword combinations (RMCs) in Mandarin spontaneous speech production and asked whether speakers show (a) sensitivity to the junctures created by lexically associated RMCs and (b) signs of …


Corpus Linguistics

Words, Constructions, and Corpora: Network Representations of Constructional Semantics

Applying network analysis to the study of near-synonymous constructional alternatives

Phraseological Acquisition: How do L2 Learners Develop Native-Like Intuition?

MOST 2019-2021