Words, Multiword Sequences, and Grammar Network

MOST 2021-2022

Recurrent Multiword Combinations in Spontaneous Speech Production: Prosodic Evidence for their Processing Advantages

This study analyzed the prosodic realization of recurrent multiword combinations (RMCs) in Mandarin spontaneous speech production and asked whether speakers show (a) sensitivity to the junctures created by lexically associated RMCs and (b) signs of …

Phraseological Acquisition: How do L2 Learners Develop Native-Like Intuition?

MOST 2019-2021

Assessing Phraseological Development in Word Sequences of Variable Lengths in Second Language Texts Using Directional Association Measures

This study evaluated second language (L2) phraseological development using a di- rectional association measure (delta P) that assesses the directional formulaicity of recurrent multiword combinations. The study examined (a) whether learners develop …